New Tesla Model S Arrives

The first of our all electric Tesla model S vehicles has arrived to join our chauffeur driven fleet.

There are a lot of buzz words used in industries of all kinds and we are all used to hearing things like ‘Big enough to cope yet small enough to care’. We fully acknowledge that in a customer focused industry it’s all about the clients experience and delivering exceptional levels of customer service, that’s afterall what we’ve been doing for over 30 years. So we’re throwing in a new phrase for us today – ‘Continually evolving to adopt advancing technologies’.

Tesla Model S Chauffeur

We have been following the progress of Tesla for many years, anticipating the day when a right hand drive luxury saloon would finally be available and appropriate for use in the Chauffeur Industry. And that day has arrived. Driving the Tesla Models S is an experience that is difficult to put into words, so we have invited colleagues within the chauffeur industry to come and experience our Tesla for themselves. The result has been a unanimous silence, almost as silent as the Tesla itself in motion. The only indication of their experience being the broad smile that now adorns their usually sceptical faces.

And whilst a Chauffeur Driven Vehicle is of course about the passengers needs and requirements, a happy chauffeur will be delivering the best service available.

There is no compromise on luxury or refinement in or outside of the Tesla Model S. Its shiny paintwork is flawless and the interior is dressed to kill with its perfectly fitted black leather trim. The vehicle is equipped with state of the art internet connected technologies. You can listen to any song you want with full HD radio and on-demand internet radio. There is Bluetooth® connectivity or plugin your USB audio devices.

The Tesla Model S has an impressive range of around 300 miles and with the ever increasing network of charging points, this can easily be extended throughout your required journeys.

For those conscious of the effect fossil fuel vehicles are having on the environment and wish to reduce their carbon footprint, contact us today to arrange your all electric chauffeured experience.

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