Tesla Model S – All Electric Eco Chauffeuring

Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S

As we continue to extend our chauffeur driven fleet into more environmentally friendly vehicles, the introduction of the Tesla Model S sees the inclusion of our first ‘All Electric’ model.

As the leader in the innovation of electric vehicle transportation, Tesla have focused on extending range and refinement way beyond that of other electric vehicle manufacturers.

The interior is finished with a luxury leather trim and features a full length panoramic glass roof. The deep tinted glass provides occupants with the privacy they deserve without obstructing the outward vision.

As the Tesla Model S does not have the restrictions of a conventionally fossil fuel powered vehicle, the ‘Frunk’ where the engine would normally live, becomes a second cavernous storage space for cases and other such luggage items. This makes the Tesla ideal for airport transfers and trips that require the transportation of suitcases and other equipment.

As the Model S has a range of over 300 miles between charges and an ever growing network of fast charging stations, longer journeys can be undertaken that were never previously possible.