Chauffeur Driven Mercedes S Class

The Chauffeur Driven Mercedes S500 AMG has been the most requested chauffeured vehicle on our fleet. Since its origins back in the early 1970’s when it was officially named the S Klasse, it has been the flagship model from the German manufacturer and has evolved over the years into the vehicle we have today.

2014 Mercedes S Class

Chauffeured Mercedes S Class

The new shape mercedes S Class is currently available in two variations. The Mercedes S400L Hybrid, a luxury saloon with a host of additional refinements to bring the vehicles up to our exacting requirements.

The Mercedes S500L AMG, which is the premier S Class model on our chauffeur driven fleet. It’s V8 power train has the tone, refinement and urgency that you would expect from such a beautiful car.

Our S Class models are equipped with onboard entertainment systems and sumptuous leather interiors to make a longer journey an even more enjoyable experience.

Our Chauffeur Driven Mercedes S Class Close Up

Mercedes S Class 2014 Rear Seating

Mercedes S Class 2014 Driver Seating

2014 Mercedes S Class Rear Angle